Gauge Accessories

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Pressure gauge accessories

Pressure gauges are often purchased with accessories for connecting and/or securing or maintaining the manometer/unit of measurement.

Ebora has a wide range of pressure gauge valves with and without external measuring connections and in stainless steel, brass and steel. The pressure gauge valve gives you the possibility to slowly pressurize the measurement and to close it for example during maintenance.

Pressure gauge syphon

Syphon pipes (pork tails) are often used to protect your measurement against too high a temperature. This causes an air bubble in the syphon between the medium and the measurement. Because air is a good insulator, the temperature during the measurement will be considerably lower. The syphon is available in different shapes, sizes, process connections and materials.

In addition, we have various connection parts for easy installation.

A damper can be used for applications where pressure surges can occur. This is a transition piece with a reduced diameter, so that the pressure build-up at the unit of measurement builds up more slowly. This can prevent a lot of damage to the measurement.