Safety valves

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Safety valve

Safety valve, also called spring safety or safety device, made of stainless steel, brass or cast iron for water and liquids, air and technical gases and steam.

Applications safety valve:

  • Compressor (also with certificates)
  • Heating and cooling application
  • Process installation

A safety valve is often confused with an overpressure valve / overflow valve.

See the difference between a safety valve and an overpressure valve here.

What is a safety valve?

Definition of a safety valve according to DIN EN ISO 4126-1 (last resort to prevent an explosion due to overpressure) A safety valve is a valve that can automatically, without the help of any other than that of the fluid involved, discharge an amount of liquid to prevent a predetermined safe pressure from being exceeded, and that is designed to close and prevent further flow of fluid after recovery from normal pressure.