GF 9900 SmartPro transmitter

large display with the data at a glance
"Dial-type" digital scheme
optional upgradable field relay
13-character labeling options for channel type
intuitive and user-friendly interface according to Signet ProPoint® and ProcessPro® devices
adjustable fault mode for current outputs, 3.6 mA or 22 mA
relay to upgrade
factory settings reset options
warning LED indication PC COMM configuration tool optional HCOMM configuration tool optional "Dial-type" digital graph
intuitive and user-friendly interface according to Signet ProPoint® and ProcessPro® devices 4 to 20 mA input (with 8058 signal converter optional)
13-character labeling options for channel type
batch module and batch control optional
large display with the data at a glance



The Signet 9900 transmitter offers a single channel interface for many different parameters, including flow, pH / redox, conductivity / resistance, salinity, pressure, temperature, level and other sensors that emit a 4 to 20 mA signal. The 9900 transmitter (generation II or newer) has the additional possibility to support the batch module for batch control the extra large (3.90 "x 3.90") automatic backlight with backlighting provides a "at a glance" visibility that can be viewed at 4-5 times the distance compared to traditional channels. The highly illuminated screen and the large letters reduce the risk of misreading or misinterpreting the displayed values. The display shows separate lines for units, main and secondary measurements and a digital bar chart of the dial type. The Signet 9900 transmitter is offered in both panel and field mounting. Both configurations can operate on 12 to 32 current (24 VDC nominal). The 9900 can also be loop-powered with compatible sensors. Designed for complete flexibility, plug-in modules make it possible to easily adapt the device to changing customer needs. Optional modules include relays, direct conductivity / resistance, H COMM, Batch and a PC COMM configuration tool. The device can be used with standard values ​​for quick and easy programming or can be customized with labels, adjustable minimum and maximum selector settings and choices for units and decimal measurements.

RoHS conform
China RoHS
Lloyd's Register

Application areas:
chemical production / addition deionization
Reverse osmosis gas scrubbers
Media filtration metal and plastic finish wastewater treatment
Cooling towers


Process Connection
Nominal diameter
Brand Georg Fischer
Manometer diameter
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