GF type 2821 conductivity / resistance electrode

tri-clamp 1 -11/2 ", 2"
PTFE insulator
standard connections
Controlled surface finish ensures
accuracy and repeatability
Opt. 1/2 "NPT 316 SS
certified cells ± 2% in accordance with USP requirements
316 SS standard electrode
3/4 "NPT Polypro in-line or underwater mounting flow design
"wet" materials: 316 SST or titanium
connections: 3/4 inch thread for in-line or submerged, 1.5 inch sanitary tri-clamp flange and 2 inch sanitary tri-clamp flange
compatible products: SIGNET types: 8850, 8860, 8900 (in combination with the 2850) or the 9900 with module
wire types are reversible
wire and fixed wire cell constant and corresponding size ranges: 0.01 cm-1 / 0.55 to 100 μS (18.3 mΩ to 10 KΩ) 0.1 cm-1/1 to 1000 μS (1 mΩ to 1 KΩ) 1.0 cm-1/10 to 10,000 μS (5 to 5,000 ppm) 10.0 cm-1/100 to 200,000 μS (50 to 100,000 ppm) 20.0 cm-1/200 to 400,000 μS (100 to 200,000 ppm)



Signet Conductivity / resistance sensitive electrodes are designed to provide a versatile installation and accurate detection over a very wide dynamic range. These electrodes are built with a controlled surface finish to ensure accuracy and repeatability. The standard electrode is made of 316 SS or titanium, but other materials are available for maximum chemical compatibility. Reversible threads or sanitary flanges ensure maximum installation variability. Sanitary flange versions are available with an optional NIST Trace certificate to meet USP requirements. In combination with measurement circuits patented by Signet, a measuring range of three decades is achieved without the need for tricky electrode platinization. A platinum RTD (PT1000) located in the electrode allows an optimal temperature measurement.

RoHS conform

Application areas:
semiconductor water production
boiler condensation
Reverse osmosis
rinse water monitoring and control salinity
pure water treatment
USP purified water and WFI water production
TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
cleaner and degreaser concentrations distillation


Process Connection
Nominal diameter
Brand Georg Fischer
Manometer diameter
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