GF type 515 paddle wheel sensor standard paddle wheel assembly

measuring range: 0.3 to 6 m / s, 1 to 20 ft / s to be installed in tube: DN15 to DN900, 0.5 to 36 inch max. working pressure: PP 12.5 bar @ 20 ° C, 180 psi @ 68 ° F PVDF 14 bar @ 20 ° C, 200 psi @ 68 ° F no external power required rotor: PVDF Compatible with: 5075, 5090, 5500, 5600, 8150, 8550, 8900 * only Signet installation fittings Easy to replace rotor Can be installed in tube diameters DN15 to DN900 (½ to 36 inch) Very repeatable output Self-powered Simple, economical design Operating range 0.3 to 6 m / s (1 to 20 ft / s) Wide turndown ratio of 20: 1 Chemically resistant materials


Easy to install with reliable reliability, Model 515 Rotor-X log wheel flow sensors are highly repeatable, robust sensors that offer exceptional value with little or no maintenance. The output signal of the Model 515 is a sinusoidal frequency with which a self-current flow meter (Model 5090) can be driven. The wide dynamic current range from 0.3 to 6 m / s (1 to 20 ft / s) allows the sensor to measure liquid flow rates in full tubes and can be used in low-pressure systems. The Model 515 sensors are offered in different materials for a wide range of pipe diameters and insert configurations. The many material choices, including PP and PVDF, make this model extremely versatile and chemically compatible with many liquid process solutions. Sensors can be installed in tubes or up to DN900 (36 in.) Using Signs extensive range of custom fittings. These customized fittings, including T-pieces, saddles and weldolets, set the sensor to the correct insertion depth in the process flow. The sensors are also offered in configurations for wet tap and intrinsically safe installation requirements. Standards: RoHS conform NSF (P51530-PX version only) Application areas: Chemical production Liquid Delivery Systems Pump Protection Filtration Systems pure water production Not suitable for gases Scrubber Systems Water Monitoring


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