GF Portaflow 330/220 "clamp-on" portable flow meter (159300001 - 13-2000 mm; 159300002 - 13-114 mm; 159300003 - 50-1000 mm)

no interruption of the process during commissioning,no waiting time for maintenance, easy to install
Available with or without Data Logging
One unit can measure any pipe diameter / material
Unlimited pressure rating, zero pressure loss (energy efficient), no moving parts
Ideal for temporary installation, pump efficiency testing, leak detection, flow sensor testing / calibration (eg Our insertion paddlewheel and magmeters) including guide rails and all mounting accessories with case, cable, manual and other parts the Portaflow 330 has a built-in datalogger



Easy installation, perfectly tuned and preset for Georg Fischer piping systems. Lead time ultrasonic flow meter: a non-invasive way of measuring. The ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter range ensures simplicity in the non-invasive measurement of the liquid flow. It offers the user a quick and accurate flow measurement with his easy-to-follow menu and simple installation. Results can be achieved within minutes after opening the case. The range is compact, robust and reliable and is designed for long-term performance in industrial environments.

Application areas:
calibration of measuring systems
balance system
fire system test
ultrapure water measurement
condensation measurement
pump verification
filter size
leak detection
HVAC and energy system audits


Process Connection
Nominal diameter
Brand Georg Fischer
Manometer diameter
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