GF 2290 contactless radar measurement


  • Benefits: 99 points adjustable linearization
  • large graphic LCD display mapping the tank function to ignore internal obstacles
  • 19 ° beam angle, 25 GHz K-band
  • non-contact TDR radar pre-defined tank forms
  • distance, volume or weight measurements
  • minimum dielectric constant of process media εr 1.9
  • short band of 0.2m (7.8 inch)
  • display: LCD


Tank level measurement - just with the right sensor. The wide range of tanks, process fluids and conditions require the right technology to receive consistent level information. The radar level transmitter type 2290 combines all the advantages of a radar level transmitter in a non-contact, compact and economical device. Type 2290 is available in a variety of different materials to withstand all corrosive environments.


• general - challenging tank applications where other non-contact methods fail
• chemical process industry - pust of solvents, chlorine or ammonia Level measurement in reactor vessels or buffer tanks
• water treatment - pumping stations, sludge processing, discharge level measurement, drinking water on ships


  • CE
  • IECEx
  • RoHS conform
  • FCC
  • ATEX

Application areas

  • Suitable for hydrocarbons, acids and aggressive media
  • For most liquids, including flammable and smoking liquids
  • liquids that tend to foam; eg with acid neutralization.


Process Connection
Nominal diameter
Brand Georg Fischer
Manometer diameter
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