CLS-53N Capacitive level switch

  • For limit level sensing of bulk-solid, fragmental and extruded materials
  • Simple sensitivity setting by means of magnetic pen
  • Two or three-wire connections directly to the relay circuit or PLC logic unit
  • Wide range of supply voltage up to 230 V AC/DC (CLS–53N–SAC)
  • Optical indication by LED


The capacitive level switch CLS® is designed for limit (2-state) level sensing of bulk-solid materials (pellets, wooden chips, cereals, granulates, etc.) in hoppers, containers, silos, etc. The sensor output is equipped with electronic switch. The sensitivity and output mode (normally open / closed) can be simply set by attaching a magnetic pen to the sensitive spot on the sensor housing.


Features of variants

  •  CLS– 53N – SAC
    • 2-wire connection with electronic current switch directly connected to the relay circuit. Supply voltage up to 230 V AC/DC. The sensor is not suitable for direct connection to a binary input of the control system.
  • CLS–53N – P(N)
    • 3-wire connection with NPN or PNP output for connected to Dinel supply and switching units or binary input of PLC.


Electrical connection

Phase conductor (positive supply pole +U in case DC voltage) is connected through the device (relay, contactor) to terminal  neutral conductor (negative pole 0V) to terminal. The terminal is connected to ground. Connection to supply voltages must be done through fuse or circuit breaker.

The sensor CLS–53N–SAC is not equipped with protection against current overload. Low resistance loads (bulbs) or capacity loads can damage the sensor!

Sensor with NPN or PNP output is allowed to lead only by resistive or inductive lead. Positive supply voltage is connected to terminal, negative (0 V) to terminal and the leads to terminal. It is recommended to lead the cable separately from power distribution leads and strong sources of EMI (pulse converters, electric motors etc.).

The sensor CLS–53N–P(N) is equipped with protection against over-voltages and current overload. The capacity loads and low resistance (bulb) is evaluated by the sensor as short circuit.


Sensor setting

The setting is performed by means of attaching magnetic pen MP–8 to "SENSE" spots placed next to the connector and marked with "set ON" or "set OFF". Such method is used for setting of the sensitivity and the switching mode. The "mode O" – normally open (opens when the level drops) and "mode C" – normally closed (connects when the level drops). When attaching the magnetic pen to "SENSE" spot, LED indicator "STATE" shortly flashes four times.

mode O: when the level is high (the container is full), attach the magnetic pen MP–8 to the "SENSE" spot marked with "set OFF" for approx. 3 seconds. When the level is low (the container is empty) attach the magnetic pen MP–8 to the "SENSE" spot marked with "set ON" for approx. 3 seconds.

mode C: when the level is high (the container is full), attach the magnetic pen MP–8 to the "SENSE" spot marked with "set ON" for approx. 3 seconds. When the level is low (the container is empty) attach the magnetic pen MP–8 to the "SENSE" spot marked with "set OFF" for approx. 3 seconds.


Range of application

Detection of various types of electrically conductive and non-conductive bulk-solid materials (pellets, wooden chips, granulates, cereals, sand, etc.) in various metal and plastic hoppers, containers, and silos.


Correct specifications

  • CLS – 53N– SAC
  • CLS – 53N–P
  • CLS – 53N–N


standard – include in the sensor price

  • 1x magnetic pen MP – 8
  • 1x of seal
  • 1x connector socket with protection class IP65


Safety, protection and compatibility
The sensor is equipped with protection against reverse polarity and short time over-voltages. The sensor is not equipped with
protection against current overload. Electrical equipment of protection group II. Electrical safety according to EN 61010-1.
The sensor is equipped with protection against reverse polarity, short time over-voltages and current overload.

For all types:
Electromagnetic compatibility is provided by conformity with standards: EN 55022, EN 61000-6-2, -3, EN 61000-4-2, -3, -4, -5, -6
and EN 61000-4-11.


Principle Capacitive
Process Connection thread G "
uitgang Contacten
Nominal diameter
Brand Dinel
Manometer diameter
Hygienic Non hygienic
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