Festo Adsorption dryers PDAD

  • For decentralised drying of compressed air
  • Port G1/2, G3/8
  • Pressure 4 ... 16 bar
  • Flow rate 40 ... 2000 l/min
  • Reduction in pressure dew point 40 K
  • Additional filtering of oil and particulates
  • High flow rate
  • Low purge air consumption and noise levels


Cold regenerating adsorption dryer with defined pressure dew point and high flow rate for decentralized compressed air drying. The use of adsorption dryers is always necessary for pressure dew points of less than -20 ° C. These must be measured reliably.

The air flow is supplied by the pre-filter, a microfilter with a degree of filtration 0.01 μm. It protects the desiccants for dirt and oil particles (oil significantly reduces the life of the drying agent). The adsorption dryer consists of two cartridges (four in the case of the PDAD-100) filled with drying agent. Moist compressed air flows alternately through the two cartridges and the water from the air accumulates at the surface of the desiccant. After a predetermined time period, the air flow is switched to the other cartridge and a portion of the dried air (purge air) is used to regenerate the desiccant in the first cartridge. The purge air escapes into the atmosphere.


Function Membrane air dryer
Connection size/pneumatic connection PDAD-09/13/22/51
Wire G3/8
Output flow rate under nominal conditions (supply pressure 7 bar, pressure dew point -40 ° C, moderate medium at 25 ° C inlet) 09, 87 l/min
13, 126 l/min
22, 212 l/min
51, 506 l/min
73, 729 l/min
100, 994 l/min
Pressure dew point (°C) -40
-70 (with reduced flow rate)
Mounting position  Horizontal
Pressure dew point reduction (K) 20
Pressure (bar) 4 ... 16
Electric connection 2 connections (12 … 24 V DC or 110 … 240 V AC)
Medium  Compressed air according to
ISO 8573­1:2010 [6:4:4]
Temperature medium (°C)  +2 ... +50
Corossion resistance class CRC  2
Protection class IP65 tot DIN40050
UL certificate cULus recognized (OL)
Housing Forged aluminum alloy


Brand Festo
Nominal diameter 3/8", 1/2"
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