Festo Angle seat valves VZXF


  • Connection 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2, 2
  • G thread or NPT thread
  • Pressure range 0 ... 40 bar
  • Valve function 2/2 NC
  • Use with slightly contaminated media also possible
  • Use for steam applications possible
  • Direct supply of pilot air.


Angle seat valves are externally operated valves. These valves are operated by a direct supply of compressed air. In this process, the process valve seat is lifted by means of a pneumatic actuator. In the normal position the valve is closed by a spring. When the actuator is exposed to working pressure increases the operating piston and at the same time the valve disc. This will open the valve. The valve seat is bevelled at an angle of about 50 ° to the fluid flow. The direction of the flow is determined by the design of the valve. Angle valves are used in applications where the absolute purity of the medium can not be guaranteed. Angle valves are simple and sturdy and are therefore perfectly suited for almost all media with a viscosity of up to 600 mm² / s.


Temperature range of medium (°C) Standaard, -10 ... +80
M1 -40 ... +200
Medium Compressed air  ISO 8573-1:2010 [7:4:4]
Filtered compressed air, degree of filtration 200μm
Inert gases
Based on mineral oil 
hydraulic oil
Mineral oil
Neutral liquids
Housing Gun metal (red brass)
Stainless steel
Pressure Medium (bar) V –0.9 … 0 bar
3 Max. 3 bar
4 Max. 4 bar
5 Max. 5 bar
6 Max. 6 bar
7 Max. 7 bar
8 Max. 8 bar
9 Max. 9 bar
10 Max. 10 bar
12 Max. 12 bar
16 Max. 16 bar
20 Max. 20 bar
22 Max. 22 bar
25 Max. 25 bar
40 Max. 40 bar
Certificate  EX4 , II2GD


Nominal diameter
Process Connection
Brand Festo
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