Festo Positioners CMSX


  • Positioner for double-acting quarter turn actuators for control of shut-off or ball valves in process automation.


The positioner CMSX is used to control the position of single- and double-acting pneumatic actuators and double-acting linear actuators in process automation systems. It is suitable for use with actuators that have a rotation angle of approx. 90 ° and a mechanical interface in accordance with the VDI / VDE guideline 3845. The CMSX enables simple and efficient position control based on the PID control algorithm. Positions are specified via a setpoint signal. The integrated potentiometer registers the current position of the quarter turn actuator via the shaft and sends the measured value to the internal controller. The regulator compares the analog values ​​with the measured target value and operates the solenoid valves accordingly via pulse width modulation (PWM).

Housing PC, Aluminum
Protection class IP65
Certificate C-Tick
Pressure (bar)  3 ... 8
Medium  Compressed air ISO 8573-1:2010 [7:4:4] 
Temperature Medium (°C)  -5 ... +60





Nominal diameter
Process Connection
Brand Festo
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