Festo VTUG valve terminal Pneumapole connector plate

Pneumapole connector plate VTUG

Ebora Process Automation has made a development in collaboration with Festo for a pneumatic multipole connector plate for control cabinet assembly. It has been specifically developed for the Festo VTUG valve terminal. This addition to the VTUG valve terminal made it into a worthy successor for the CPV valve islands with pneumapole multipole connector plate for control cabinet assembly and even more functionality and improvements.

Festo VTUG with Pneumapole:

  • The biggest advantage related to the currently existing pneumapole connector plate for control cabinet assembly is that it covers the cut-out in the cabinet. Consequently you are able to cut a hole for the valve terminal by hand. Normally the edges will corrode in the long term, even if you make the cut-out with a laser cutter.
  • The second advantage is that you install the valve island by sliding it in from the outside. So you do not need extra space in the cabinet to mount it.
  • The third advantage is that the panel builder does not need to know a lot of pneumatic systems because he only needs to connect the electrical parts.

With this valve terminal you are able to exchange the valves very easily by means of the two screws on the valve.

The multipole connector plate is made of stainless steel 304 with a roughness of <0.8um and has a blue silicone seal to the cabinet in a way that it is as hygienic as possible.


Characteristics: Festo VTUG with Pneumapole

Number of valve seats; 4, 8, 12, 16 and 24

  • Max. possible number of 3/2-way functions (2 per valve seat):   48
  • Max. possible number of 5/2- way or 5/3-way functions:             24


  • VTUG10                380 l/min           (3, 4 and 6* mm push-in, brass nickel plated)
  • VTUG14                700 l/min           (4, 6 and 8* mm push-in, brass nickel plated)

In development:

  • VTUG18              1300 l/min          (6, 8 and 10* mm push-in, brass nickel plated)
    * standard

Electrical connection: 24 VDC

Available fieldbuses:

  • Profinet
  • Profibus
  • Can-Open
  • Device Net
  • EtherCat
  • CC-Link
  • IO-link


Other highlights:

  • Vacuum and pressure valves in 1 valve terminal
  • Multiple pressure zones in 1 valve terminal
  • Ideal for low pressure applications by external steering air
  • Suitable for a max 10 bar and 60°C
  • Energy efficient because of lowered main current
  • 360° status LED

Explanation in animations

Video: Pneumapole test on watertightness

Cabinet cutout for Festo VTUG

Ebora delivers the valve islands completely assembled and tested. Please note: the silencers will be included separately due to their vulnerability during transport.

Below is a link to the VTUG configurator from Festo.

If the VTUG requires valve islands with Pneumapole, do not change the thick printed part of the configuration.

The following valve islands are all configured with double 3/2-way valves with mechanical spring (our standard)

If you click on the type you can adjust the configuration to the valves you want.

Size Number of
Valve positions
Festo Type (without Pneumapole)
573606 10 4 VTUG-10-VRPT-B1T-G18FDL-DTL-M7SFD-4VK+TTSC
573606 10 8 VTUG-10-VRPT-B1T-G18FD-DTFD-M7SFD-8VK+TTSC
573606 10 12 VTUG-10-VRPT-B1T-G18FD-DTFD-M7SFD-12VK+TTSC
573606 10 16 VTUG-10-VRPT-B1T-G18FD-DTFD-M7SFD-16VK+TTSC
573606 10 24 VTUG-10-VRPT-B1T-G18FD-DTFD-M7SFD-24VK+TTSC
573606 14 4 VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FDL-DTL-G18SFD-4VK+TTSC
573606 14 8 VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-8VK+TTSC
573606 14 12 VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-12VK+TTSC
573606 14 16 VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-16VK+TTSC
573606 14 24 VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-24VK+TTSC

The type number + Pneumapole is the type number that Ebora requires for the delivery of the VTUG valve island with Pneumapole.

For example VTUG-10-VRPT-B1T-G18FD-DTFD-M7SFD-16VK+TTSC+Pneumopole

You will then get a valve island with a preparation for a fieldbus, with 16 x double 3/2-way valves and a mounted Pneumapole


The Pneumapole is not a separate component, but is permanently mounted by Ebora on the valve island.

Ebora therefore only supplies completely assembled and tested valve islands.

Possible valves:

A 5/2-way valve, single solenoid, mechanical spring
P 5/2-way valve, single solenoid, pneumatic/mechanical spring
B 5/3-way valve, mid-position pressurised
E 5/3-way valve, mid-position exhausted
G 5/3-way valve, mid-position closed
H 2x3/2-way valve, 1x normally closed, 1x normally open
J 5/2-way valve, double solenoid
K 2x3/2-way valve, normally closed
L Vacant position
N 2x3/2-way valve, normally open
S Auxiliary pneumatic supply
VH 2x3/2-way valve, 1x normally closed, 1x normally open, mechanical spring
VK 2x3/2-way valve, normally closed, mechanical spring
VN 2x3/2-way valve, normally open, mechanical spring
VX 1x 3/2-way valve, normally closed, external compressed air supply
VW 1x 3/2-way valve, normally open, external compressed air supply


Blindplates Pneumapole VTUG10

Article code Description
10115571 Pneumapole blindplate size 10, 4-fold
10115572 Pneumapole blindplate size 10, 8-fold
10115573 Pneumapole blindplate size 10, 12-fold
10115574 Pneumapole blindplate size 10, 16-fold
10115575 Pneumapole blindplate size 10, 24-fold


Blindplates Pneumapole VTUG14

Article code Description
10115576 Pneumapole blindplate size 14, 4-fold
10115577 Pneumapole blindplate size 14, 8-fold
10115578 Pneumapole blindplate size 14, 12-fold
10115579 Pneumapole blindplate size 14, 16-fold
10115580 Pneumapole blindplate size 14, 24-fold


Brand Ebora, Festo
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