P1440-P1442-P1444-P1446-P1495 Standard pressure gauges

Nominal size ND 80, 100 and 160

Connection position bottom, radial or back, central 

Option: for sanitary and heating

Special features

  • Plastic-case ABS
  • Copper alloy measuring system
  • Accuracy class 1.6

Measuring Ranges

  • 0 ... 0.6 bar to 0 ... 400 bar


  • Pneumatic control systems
  • Air-conditioning
  • Sprinkler systems


Models: P1440, P1442, P1444, P1446, P1495


Pressure gauges of the comprehensive standard can be used in all applications where liquid and gaseous media are not highly viscous or do not attack copper alloys or crystallize.

All standard pressure gauges comply with general international recommendations for measuring systems and take requirements for specific applications and technical standards into consideration (EN 837-1).

The rear central connection enables simple conversion to the panel mounted version.


Principle Pressure gauge
Process Connection thread G ", thread NPT, Metric
Nominal diameter 1/4", 1/2", M12 x 1,5
House Steel
meetelement Koper
uitgang Visueel
Scale range -1..15 bar, 0..10 bar, 0..25 bar, 0..40 bar, 0..400 bar
Manometer diameter 80 mm, 100 mm
aansluitpositie achter, onder (6 uur)
glycerine niet gevuld
Brand Tecsis
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