P2080 P2081 P2086 P2087 P2089 All stainless steel pressure gauges with capsule element

Nominal sizes ND 63, 100 and 160

Connection position bottom, radial or back, central



  • Use in millibar range
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Zero adjustment
  • Application up to end of scale value

Measuring ranges

  • 0 ... 2.5 mbar to 0 ... 600 mbar


  • Pharmaceutical industry, laboratory applications, air-conditioning, leakage tests, filter and status monitoring, exhaust gas measurements, gas generation, container contents measurements.


Models: P2080, P2081, P2086, P2087, P2089


The pressure gauges with capsule type element are used to measure small negative or positive gauge pressures in gaseous media. The capsule element consists of two diaphragm element halves soldered together. When subjected to pressure from within, the diaphragm element expands by a precise amount. This expansion is converted by a movement into the rotary motion of the pointer.

All stainless steel pressure gauges for the chemical industry with capsule type element are manufactured using high quality stainless steel and are therefore suitable for use with aggressive or corrosive gases.

The gauges can be supplied with a rear mounting bracket, cover ring, triangular front ring or front mounting flange as required for the installation conditions.


Principle Pressure gauge
Process Connection
Nominal diameter
uitgang Visueel
Scale range
Manometer diameter
Brand Tecsis
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