P2330 P2333 Pressure gauges with diaphragm for the chemical industry with or without filling

Accuracy class 1.6

Nominal sizes ND 100, 160



  • High corrosion resistance with chemically aggressive media and environments
  • High resistance to overpressure
  • Damping of the indicator by glycerine filling
  • Process reliability with highly viscous or crystallizing media
  • Protection IP 54 resp. IP 65


  • 0 ... 16 mbar to 0 ... 400 mbar
  • 0 ... 0.6 bar to 0 ... 40 bar
  • and all corresponding ranges for negative or negative
  • and positive gauge pressure


  • Chemical and petrochemical industry,
  • Food and beverages industry,
  • Mechanical engineering,
  • plant and apparatus construction.


Models: P2330, P2331, P2332,


The design principle and material selection of pressure gauges allow them to meet the stringent demands occurring above all in service in the chemicals and petrochemicals industries.

Diaphragm pressure gauges have a relatively high actuating force. The annular clamped diaphragm is extensively insensitive to jarring or vibration. An extremely high resistance to overpressure is achieved by underpropping the diaphragm.

The special material coating on the components in contact with the process medium protects them from attack by chemically aggressive medium, CrNi steels for the case and instrument flange also make these diaphragm gagues resistant to chemically aggressive environments.

Open process connections ensure that the gauges are easy to clean even with highly viscous or crystallizing process media, thus guaranteeing process reliability.


Principle Pressure gauge
Process Connection thread G ", thread NPT, Metric
Nominal diameter 1/2", M20 x 1,5
House Stainless steel
meetelement Roestvaststaal
uitgang Visueel
Scale range 0..250 mbar, -1..15 bar, 0..10 bar, 0..25 bar, 0..40 bar
Manometer diameter 100 mm, 160 mm
aansluitpositie onder (6 uur)
glycerine glycerine, niet gevuld
Brand Tecsis
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