P2590 Differential pressure measuring instruments with compression spring and diaphragm seal

with or without microswitch

Nominal sizes ND 100
Connection position bottom, radial



  • Measuring cell in pressure cast aluminium, compression springs made of high grade stainless steel
  • Static pressure and overloading up to 25 bar
  • Contact device for up to two microswitches
  • Integrated max. working pressure display
  • Fastening bracket to the back for wall mounting
  • Compact version, easy fitting


  • 0 ... 250 mbar to 0 ... 25 bar


  • Filter plants, pipeline systems, valve and pump monitoring and for gas, water and air supply lines.

Model: P2590


Differential pressure measuring instruments with compression springs are primarily designed and built for the industrial and sanitary measuring technology sectors. 
These instruments fully consider the needs of the gas, water and air supply sectors and are also used for the treatment of such media.

These measuring instruments are suitable for liquid and gaseous media in so far as these are not aggressive or highly viscous and do not crystallise. Moreover, they must
not contain any magnetic material.

Differential pressure measuring instruments with electric microswitches are suitable for controlling and regulating process sequences by means of the given process pressure.


The robust, compact measuring system for measuring the differential pressure comprises a diaphragm, which is loaded on both sides by the springs which determine the
measuring ranges. 

If the diaphram is loaded with a varying pressure – the differential pressure - a deflection occurs which is transferred by a piston to the pointer mechanism or microswitch, respectively, to cause a pointer deflection proportional to the differential pressure and actuate the microswitch.


Principle Pressure gauge, Pressure switch
Process Connection thread G "
Nominal diameter 1/4", 1/2"
uitgang Visueel, Contacten
Scale range 0..10 bar, 0..25 bar
Manometer diameter 100 mm
aansluitpositie onder (6 uur)
glycerine niet gevuld
Brand Tecsis
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