P2630-P2631-P2635-P2636 Differential pressure gauges with Bourdon tube

with copper-alloy measuring system
with stainless steel measuring system

Nominal size ND 100 and 160 mm

Connection position bottom, radial



  • High reliability and long service life
  • Measuring system in compact design
  • Differential pressure given on inner dial
  • Accuracy class 1.6
  • Static pressure indicated for both sides
  • Measuring system copper- alloy or stainless steel
  • Dual scale bar / mWS


  • 0 ... 0,6 bar to 0 ... 1000 bar


  • Industrial heaters,
  • Filter monitoring,
  • Water-recycling plant

Models : P2630, P2631, P2635,P2636


The pressure gauges are suitable for measuring of liquid and gaseous media, although this may not be to viscous or be susceptible to crystallization. For aggressive media, which attack the copper resp. the copper-alloy, other versions (Model P2631, P2636) with stainless steel medium wetted parts are available.

The two independently indicating Bourdon tube measuring systems work in a sturdy roundcase.

Both pointers turn around the same axle and give + and - pressure separately. The pointer of the low-pressure side has the form of a dial. On this dial the pressure difference between the low and high pressure side is given which may not exceed 50% of the full measuring range


Principle Pressure gauge, Pressure difference
Process Connection thread G ", thread NPT
Nominal diameter 1/4", 1/2"
House Stainless steel, Steel
meetelement Koper, Roestvaststaal
uitgang Visueel
Scale range 0..40 bar, 0..600 bar
Manometer diameter 100 mm, 160 mm
aansluitpositie onder (6 uur)
glycerine niet gevuld
Brand Tecsis
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