P2900 Absolute pressure gauges with diaphragm

New: as multifunctional pressure instrument

with or without electrical alarm contacts
Nominal size ND 100 , 160
Connection position bottom, radial


  • Measuring system and case in stainless steel
  • Process connection with threaded spigot or open flange, both in stainless steel
  • Inductive alarm or magnetic snap-action contact
  • High resistance to overload
  • Possible with highly viscous and crystallizing media


  • 0 ... 25 mbar to 0 ... 25 bar absolute pressure


  • Chemical and petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, food and beverage industry, vaccuum, drying and bottling systems


Model: P2900, P2901, P2903, P2904, P2905, P2906, P2908, P2909


Absolute pressure gauges are always used when - particularly with measurement of low pressures or vacuums - influence from atmospheric air pressure
fluctuations which could falsify measurements has to be ruled out.

The design and materials are selected to allow the instruments to satisfy the stringent demands of the chemical industry. They are used with chemically aggressive media (fluids) and/or in aggressive environments. With highly viscous or crystallizing media, the instruments are fitted with open process connections, thus facilitating rapid and thorough cleaning.

Structure and function

The diaphragm element separates the medium chamber from the reference pressure chamber at an absolute pressure of zero. 

The differential pressure between the medium chamber from the reference pressure chamber causes the diaphragm element to deflect, thus producing the
measurement travel. 

The measurement travel is transmitted out of the pressure chamber by bellows or corrugated tubes, applied by the push rod to the movement, and displayed. The
diaphragm is protected in overload conditions by support surfaces.


Principle Pressure gauge
Process Connection
Nominal diameter
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Scale range
Manometer diameter
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Brand Tecsis
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