P3297 OEM Pressure sensors

Non linearity 0.5% (option 0,25%)

Standard output:

4...20 mA; 2-wire
or 0...5 VDC; 3-wire
or 0...10 VDC; 3-wire
or 0.5...4.5 VDC; 3-wire
or 0.5...4.5 VDC ratiometric



  • Measuring range from 0...1 bar to 0...600 bar
  • Medium wetted parts of stainless steel
  • High EMV-protection according to EN 61 326
  • Compact instrument size
  • No internal sealing elements
  • Highly resistance to shock and vibration
  • For dynamic or static measurements

Measuring range

  • Gauge pressure 0…1 bar to 0…600 bar


  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Building automation
  • Test stand construction
  • Machine and apparatus construction

Model: P3297


Robustness and long-term stability during operation are the strengths of this compact pressure sensor for general industrial applications. The technical specifications and attractive price level of these sensors make them ideal for OEM applications.

The materials and technologies used make these sensors suitable for applications with aggerssive media. Welded connections between pressure cell and process connection require no sealing elements and make the measuring system particularly resistant to mechanical shock and vibration. The compact design makes these sensors interesting for room critical applications.

A wide variety of electrical connections and pressure ports simplifies the adaptation to different applications. The pressure sensor is internationally certified and ready for global deployment.

The pressure sensors comply with electromagnetic compatibility requirements (EMC) as per EN 61326.


Principle Pressure sensor
Process Connection thread G ", thread NPT
Nominal diameter 1/4", 1/2"
House Stainless steel
meetelement Roestvaststaal
uitgang 4..20 mA, 0..10 V
Scale range 0..10 bar, 0..25 bar, 0..40 bar, 0..400 bar, 0..600 bar
Manometer diameter
Brand Tecsis
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