P3317 Pressure sensors special for low and differential pressures

with or without 3 ½ digits LED-display

Accuracy 1 % or 0,6 %

Standard output: 4...20 mA; 2-wire


  • Measuring ranges from 0,5 mbar to 1000 mbar
  • 3 ½-digits LED-display
  • High reliability

Measuring ranges

  • Gauge pressures 0...0,5 mbar up to 0...1000 mbar


  • Heating and air conditioning, filter and dedusting technology, medical technology.


Model No.: P3317



Pressure sensors special for low and differential pressures are preferably used for the measurement of lowest gauge pressures, differential pressures, absolute pressure and volume flow measurements for dry non-aggressive gases.

The main applications are in heating, air conditioning, filter and dedusting technology as well as medical technology.

The graded measuring ranges range from 0...0,5 mbar to 0...1000 mbar.

The display has a 3 ½-digits LED-display with figure height of 12,7 mm. A piezoresistive chip serves as the measuring element. The integrated amplifier provides a process suitable output signal (e.g. 4...20 mA).

The pressure sensors meet the electronic magnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements to EN 61326.


Principle Pressure sensor, Pressure difference
Process Connection
Nominal diameter
uitgang Visueel, 4..20 mA, 0..10 V
Scale range
Manometer diameter
Brand Tecsis
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