PEX10 PEX11 PEX13 PEX14 Atex Pressure sensors

Ex ia I / IIC T6 acc. to ATEX
with internal diaphragm
with front flush diaphragm
Accuracy: 0.25% and 0.5 %
Standard output: 4...20 mA; 2-wire system



  • intrinsically safe, zone 1
  • option: mount to zone 0
  • high long-term stability
  • high accuracy
  • finely graded selection of nominal pressure ranges according to EN
  • corrosion resistant stainless steel design
  • good repeatability
  • high overload protection
  • for dynamic and static measurements
  • simple installation
  • ATEX certficate

Measuring ranges

  • High pressure
  • Negative -1...0 bar to -0.1...0 bar
  • Positive 0...0.1 bar to 0... 1000 bar
  • Absolute pressure 0...0.25 bar to 0... 16 bar


  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry,
  • food industry and environmental technology,
  • process engineering.


Model: PEX10, PEX11, PEX13, PEX14


Ex-range products in Ex - pressure gauge technology.

The intrinsically safe Ex - pressure sensors are designed for zone 1 (optional mount on Zone 0) and have special type approval for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and a CENELEC certificate according to the ATEX certification.

The measuring ranges, graded in accordance with EN, range from 100 mbar to the maximum pressure range of 1000 bar. The case and wetted parts comprise stainless steel and are thus resistant to chemically aggressive media. The pressure connection and measuring element are welded together, making the measuring system particularly resistant to mechanical shock or vibration.

The pressure connection is fitted with a G ½ male thread. Several electrical connections can be obtained to pick up the electrical output signal.

The front flush pressure diaphragm avoids zones, in which medium could crystallize or residues could form

The field case design enables use in aggravated operation conditions.

The Ex - pressure sensors Industrial Heavy Duty meet the electronic magnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements to EN 61326.


principe Druksensor
Process Connection thread G ", Bondig
Nominal diameter 1/4", 1/2", 1"
House Stainless steel
meetelement Roestvaststaal
uitgang 4..20 mA
Scale range 0..10 bar, 0..25 bar, 0..40 bar, 0..600 bar, 0..1000 bar
Manometer diameter
Brand Tecsis
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