Pneumapole-S 24-fold size 14 IO-link

Number of valve positions: 24
Air passage: size 14
Electrical connection: IO-link
Version: Standing
IP Protection class: IP66 and IPx9

VTUG-14 standing article codes

Configuration codeEbora article#Type of valvesCoverplates
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-24VK+TTSC 10115550 24x 2x3/2 valve 0
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-23VK1L+TTSC 10129690 23x 2x3/2 valve 1
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-22VK2L+TTSC 10129691 22x 2x3/2 valve 2
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-21VK3L+TTSC 10129692 21x 2x3/2 valve 3
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-20VK4L+TTSC 10115713 20x 2x3/2 valve 4
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-19VK5L+TTSC 10129693 19x 2x3/2 valve 5
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-18VK6L+TTSC 10129694 18x 2x3/2 valve 6
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-17VK7L+TTSC 10129695 17x 2x3/2 valve 7
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-16VK8L+TTSC 10129696 16x 2x3/2 valve 8
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-15VK9L+TTSC 10129697 15x 2x3/2 valve 9
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-14VK10L+TTSC 10129698 14x 2x3/2 valve 10
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-13VK11L+TTSC 10129699 13x 2x3/2 valve 11
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-12VK12L+TTSC 10129700 12x 2x3/2 valve 12
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-24A+TTSC 10129764 24x 5/2 valve 0
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-23A1L+TTSC 10129765 23x 5/2 valve 1
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-22A2L+TTSC 10129766 22x 5/2 valve 2
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-21A3L+TTSC 10129767 21x 5/2 valve 3
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-20A4L+TTSC 10129768 20x 5/2 valve 4
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-19A5L+TTSC 10129769 19x 5/2 valve 5
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-18A6L+TTSC 10129770 18x 5/2 valve 6
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-17A7L+TTSC 10129771 17x 5/2 valve 7
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-16A8L+TTSC 10129772 16x 5/2 valve 8
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-15A9L+TTSC 10129773 15x 5/2 valve 9
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-14A10L+TTSC 10129774 14x 5/2 valve 10
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-13A11L+TTSC 10129775 13x 5/2 valve 11
VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-12A12L+TTSC 10129776 12x 5/2 valve 12


Via the link below (you will be redirected to the Festo website) you can adjust the valve island with the valves that are necessary for your specific application. Keep in mind that you should not change the bold part of the configuration to order our Pneumapole.

FestoEboraStep file
573606 10115550 Download

The typenumber + Pneumapole is the typenumber that Ebora needs to create the valve terminal with Pneumapole

For example VTUG-14-VRPT-B1T-G14FD-DTFD-G18SFD-24VK+TTSC+Pneumapole

You will then receive a valve terminal with preparation for a fieldbus, with 24 x double 3/2-way valves with mechanical spring (our standard) and a mounted Pneumapole

Valve options / spare parts

FunctionDescriptionFesto article#Ebora article#
A 5/2-way valve, single solenoid, mechanical spring 573483 10095600
B 5/3-way valve, mid-position pressurised 573487 10095603
E 5/3-way valve, mid-position exhausted 573486 10095602
G 5/3-way valve, mid-position closed 573485 10095601
H 2x3/2-way valve, 1x normally closed, 1x normally open 573478 10095607
J 5/2-way valve, double solenoid 573484 10095597
K 2x3/2-way valve, normally closed 573476 10095604
L Vacant position 573488 10095312
M 5/2-way valve, single solenoid, pneumatic spring 573482 10095598
N 2x3/2-way valve, normally open 573477 10095610
S Auxiliary pneumatic supply 573925 10096807
VH 2x3/2-way valve, 1x normally closed, 1x normally open, mechanical spring 573481 10095609
VK 2x3/2-way valve, normally closed, mechanical spring 573479 10095606
VN 2x3/2-way valve, normally open, mechanical spring 573480 10095612
VX 1x 3/2-way valve, normally closed, external compressed air supply 8028235 10115032
VW 1x 3/2-way valve, normally open, external compressed air supply 8028236 10113503

Available fieldbus modules

CTEU-CO CanOpen 570038 10094342
CTEU-DN Devicenet 570039 10095363
CTEU-CC CC-link 1544198 10095362
CTEU-PB Profibus 570040 10095365
CTEU-EC Ethercat 572556 10095364
CTEU-AS AS-interface 572555 10112750
CTEU-PN Profinet 2201471 10112809
CTEU-CP CPI-interface 2149714 10117865
CTEU-EP Ethernet 2798071 10114618


10115580 Pneumapole-S blindplate size 14, 24 fold


Pneumapole IP66 and IPx9 connector plate VTUG

Ebora Process Automation has made a development in collaboration with Festo for a pneumatic multipole connector plate for control cabinet assembly. It has been specifically developed for the Festo VTUG valve terminal. This addition to the VTUG valve terminal made it into a worthy successor for the CPV valve islands with Pneumapole multipole connector plate for control cabinet assembly and even more functionality and improvements.

Festo VTUG with Pneumapole:

  • The biggest advantage related to the currently existing Pneumapole connector plate for control cabinet assembly is that it covers the cut-out in the cabinet. Consequently you are able to cut a hole for the valve terminal by hand. Normally the edges will corrode in the long term, even if you make the cut-out with a laser cutter.
  • The second advantage is that you install the valve island by sliding it in from the outside. So you do not need extra space in the cabinet to mount it.
  • The third advantage is that the panel builder does not need to know a lot of pneumatic systems because he only needs to connect the electrical parts.

With this valve terminal you are able to exchange the valves very easily by means of the two screws on the valve.

The multipole connector plate is made of stainless steel 304 with a roughness of <0.8um and has a to the cabinet in a way that it is as hygienic as possible.

The Pneumapole is not a separate part, but is permanently mounted by Ebora on the valve terminal.


Valve positions 24
Electrical connection IO-link
Type VTUG 14
Version Standing
Brand Ebora
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