Pneumatics (Derived from the Greek: πνεύμα pneuma) is an energy form in which compressed air (compressed air) provides the energy transfer.

The compressed air that is operated by the pneumatics is usually generated by compressors that are located at a central point of the plant or installation (compressor room) and is distributed by a piping system to the different applications (pneumatically operated machines or processes).

Advantages of pneumatics

  • Compressed air is easy to store
  • Pneumatics has relatively low purchase costs
  • Pneumatic components are easy to assemble, have a long service life and are therefore very reliable.
  • With Pneumatics it is easy to achieve linear movement by means of cylinders with a control valve.
  • Installing pneumatics is relatively easy
  • Pneumatics is much simpler than electrical systems and can be used reliably in damp applications. (Food industry)
  • Pneumatics can easily be made suitable for use in explosion hazardous areas (Atex).
  • Pneumatic tools are often lighter than their electric counterparts.

Disadvantages of Pneumatics

  • Compressed air is a relatively expensive form of energy, because compressing the compressed air requires a lot of electrical energy.
  • The venting of the pneumatic components can cause noise nuisance
  • Compressed air leakages are often ignored because "air" is free, but this is certainly not the case for compressed air!
  • Because compressed air is compressible, precise positioning is more difficult
  • Compressed air must be treated after the compressor in order to remove condensate, dirt particles and oil for pneumatics.

Pneumatics components

Some of the components that fall under pneumatics are:

  • Pneumatic valves
  • Valve terminals
  • Pneumatic cylinders
  • Pneumatic actuators (for valves)
  • Vacuum generators
  • Suction cups
  • Air hose
  • Fittings, push-in fittings, quick couplings etc.
  • Speed controllers
  • Air supply, filter regulators, pressure regulators, oil nebulisers, switch-on valves
  • Pneumatic grippers
  • Pressure sensors, flow sensors
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Accessories: silencers, silencers

It is common for the compressor to generate a pressure of 8 bar and for this pressure to be reduced to 6 bar at the location where the pneumatics are applied. The air pressure determines the power of the pneumatic component and the flow determines the speed at which the pneumatic component moves.

Because compressed air is relatively expensive, it is important to use as few of them as possible. Ebora can help you to achieve this. For example, if you have a cylinder that performs a lifting movement. The upstroke goes against the force of gravity, so more force is needed upstream than downstream. By operating the cylinder with two different air pressures a considerable saving per stroke can be achieved. We will gladly calculate what this can mean for you and what the payback time will be for the extra pneumatic components.

Ebora supplies many brands of pneumatics, including Festo, SMC Pneumatics, Camozzi, Norgren, Metalwork, Bosch Rexroth etc.

Our Pneumatologists (employees with a thorough pneumatics training and years of experience in pneumatics) can advise you on the pneumatics to be used for your application, machine, process or pneumatic system.

For our larger pneumatics customers including panel builders and fellow companies we can provide a short basic Pneumatics training so that they are a good discussion partner for their customers and can provide us with the right information in case of requests.

We can also assess your existing purchase for topicality. It is often the case that the pneumatic components used have been used for years and therefore the same materials are chosen for new construction. However, there are often many modern versions available which are often much cheaper due to more modern production methods. Let us think along as early as possible when it comes to pneumatics!

Whether it's a general pneumatics or a pneumatic cylinder and whether it's from Festo or Metal Work or Camozzi, Ebora can help you out.