Fittings and quick couplings

Push-in couplings, quick couplings and threaded fittings.

Ebora supplies various brands of push-in couplings, quick couplings and threaded fittings in plastic, brass and stainless steel.

Push-in fittings

These are often used in pneumatics to connect air hose easily and securely. The main advantage of the push-in couplings is that you only have to insert the air hose into the push-in coupler to make a good airtight connection. It is also possible to easily remove the hose from the coupling by pressing the pressure ring.
Push-in couplings are, depending on the application, made of plastic, brass or stainless steel and are common for hoses up to approx. 12 mm in length.
The coupling can be made straight, perpendicular, as a reducer, etc.
In the case of push-in couplings, the outer size of the hose is important because it is held on to it. It is therefore also advisable to use excessively calibrated air hoses.

Slip-on couplings

The push-on coupling is used less often, but used to be very common when pollution could occur. This coupling is also easy to remove if it is dirty. With these push-on couplings, the inner size (and less the outer size) of the hose is important for a good fixation. The push-on coupling is less fast and takes up more space for mounting.

Quick couplings

These couplings are used if you know in advance that these hoses need to be removed more often. These quick couplings are also available in different materials, sizes and designs. For example, there are also quick couplings in a hardened version so that there are no leaks if the coupling falls to the ground once in a workshop, for example. If a quick-release coupling is disconnected, it immediately shuts off the compressed air. Quick couplings are more and more used in a safety clutch version where when the hose is removed the other part does not shoot away, but can be taken off quietly.

Threaded fittings

The threaded fitting is the most universal coupling for which you want to fit pipes. For pneumatics, we supply the threaded fittings that are often used for pneumatics. This is usually nickel-plated brass or stainless steel and available in straight, angled, T-couplings.