S4634 S4635 Pressure gauges with one or two switch contacts

Nominal sizes NS 40, 50 and 63

Central connection on the back,
radial connection at the bottom



  • Various process connections, radial bottom or centre back mount
  • High switching reliability and long service life
  • Magnetic spring contact and gold-plated contact lug
  • Design per EN 837-1
  • Pressure indication over 270 angular degrees
  • Adjustable contacts between 10% and 90% of the scale range

Display ranges

  • -1 … 0 up to 0 … 400 bar


  • Indicating pressure level in tanks
  • Leakage monitoring
  • General industrial applications


Model:S4634, S4635, S4636


The models S4634, S4365 and S4636 are bourdon tube pressure gauges with electrical limit contacts. They are suitable for the control of processes, for example the filling level in tanks or hydraulic circuits. They have one or two switching outputs.

The floating contacts work independent of a power supply. Only one single device and one connection are needed for the switching operation and for pressure monitoring. The adjustment of the switch point can be carried out in pressureless state. As a result, this avoids complex adjustments in multiple several pressure cycles as required for the most pressure switches. Additionally the gauges fulfil the requirements of EN 837-1.

These contact gauges can be matched exactly to the customer-specific requirements of each application due to various options (e.g. process connection, dial, accuracy class and many more).


principe Manometer, Drukschakelaar
Process Connection
Nominal diameter
Scale range
Manometer diameter
Brand Tecsis
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