STS17.2 Stainless Steel Compact Pipeline Connector Steam Trapping Station

STS17.2 steam trapping station

The quick-fit steam trapping solution USM21 and USM32 Bimetallic steam traps operate below steam saturation temperature, depending on the bimetal setting. Suitable for non-critical sytems. STS17.2 steam trapping station The STS17.2 steam trap station has been designed to provide a convenient 'ready-to-install' trapping solution which has an upstream isolation valve, quick-fit connector with strainer, check valve and a downstream isolation valve.

Key features and benefits:

  • Quick and simple maintenance of the steam trap with simple two-bolt connector reducing system downtime and maintenance costs compared to traditional trapping stations.
  • Single permanent in-line component ease of specification and installation.
  • Pre-assembled construction minimising on-site fabrication, quick and easy installation, no screwed connections therefore reducing potential leak paths.
  • All stainless steel construction long and trouble-free life with good corrosion resistance and 'cleanliness'.
  • Compatible steam trap options providing flexible supply and selection.
  • An in-trap sensing option providing automatic steam trap operation indication.
  • Replaceable internal parts maintainable internal parts of ball valves, check valve and strainer screen.
  • Lockable handle as standard minimising the possibility of accidental or unauthorised operation.


The STS17.2 compact pipeline connector steam trapping station has been designed to provide a convenient ready to install trapping solution, which includes: upstream and downstream isolation valves (2), body incorporating quickfit connector + strainer (1) and check valve blanking plug (16).

Available types

The STS17.2 is available with either single or double upstream isolation.

The STS17.2 trapping solution incorporates Spirax Sarco quickfit technology, which allows speedy trap maintenance.
The following swivel connector steam traps (sold separately) can be used with this pipeline connector enabling it to be tailored to suit any application:

  • UTD30 and UTD52 thermodynamic steam traps.
  • UBP32 balanced pressure steam trap.
  • USM bimetallic steam trap.
  • UFT32 ball float steam trap.
  • UIB30 and UIB30H inverted bucket steam traps.

These products fully comply with the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97 / 23 / EC.

These products are available with certification to EN 10204 3.1.
Note: All certification / inspection requirements must be stated at the time of order placement. 

Sizes and pipe connections
½", ¾" and 1" screwed BSP, NPT or socket weld.
½", ¾" and 1" ASME (ANSI) 150 and ASME (ANSI) 300.
DN15, DN20 and DN25 flanged EN 1092 PN40.

Optional extras
Integral sensor type SSL1 (steam only) or WLSL1 (for waterlogging) for use with R1C or WLSL1 with DIODE for use with RI6C are available as optional extras, to enable operational monitoring of the steam trap.

BDV1 blowdown valve is also available for cleaning the strainer during operation. Care should be taken when using the BDV1 blowdown valve as the discharge may be hot. Please note that a BDV1 cannot be used when a Spiratec sensor has been chosen to be part of the unit.

Retrofit double isolation valve and spool piece to convert a single upstream isolation version to double isolation.

Insulation jacket is available to reduce heat loss and energy wastage. See separate literature.

No. Part Material
1 Body Stainless steel ASTM A351 Gr. CF8
2 Isolation ball valves Stainless steel ASTM A182 F316L
3 Handle Mild steel ENP coated
16 Check valve Stainless s blanking plug teel ASTM A276 431
19 Strainer cap Stainless steel ASTM A582 416

How to order
Example: 1 off Spirax Sarco ½" screwed BSP STS17.2 stainless steel pipeline compact connector steam trapping station, having a Spiratec SSL1 sensor.


Principe Waterafscheider
medium Water en andere vloeistoffen
Material Stainless Steel
Nominal diameter DN15, DN20, DN25, 1/2", 3/4", 1"
Process Connection thread G ", thread NPT, ANSI flanges, DIN flanges
Brand Spirax Sarco
Hygienic Non hygienic
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