T4770 Remote thermometer with adjustable changeover contact

Case: plastic
Model T4770   ND 60
Model T4772   ND 80
Model T4774   ND 100

Case steel
Model T4780   ND 60
Model T4782   ND 80
Model T4784   ND 100



  • Fast response time
  • Measuring point and display in different locations
  • wide range of standard models
  • Secure installation using U-bolt
  • Wide range of contacting and switching functions

Measuring ranges

  • -40 . . . 60 °C up to 0 . . . 400 °C


  • Measuring range °F, °C/°F (Doppelteilung)
  • Contact cover IP54


  • Mechanical engineering
  • Refrigeration engineering
  • Process technology
  • Food industry


Model: T4770, T4772, T4774, T4780, T4782, T4784


The housings of this product line are equipped with U-bolts, providing easy and secure panel installa-tion in areas that are subjected to vibration.

The switching point of the micro switch, which is installed as a two-way switch, can be varied over the entire temperature range. Devices with a fixed temperature value or one fixed switch and one ad-justable switch can be supplied on request. A pro-tective plastic cap for covering and sealing the connections is also available.

Measurements are recorded by the liquid-filled measuring system, which consists of a tempera-ture sensor, a capillary tube and a Bourdon spring. These three components combine to form a closed tube system.
The internal pressure in this system changes de-pending on the temperature, which causes the pointer axle connected to the spring to rotate and display the temperature value on the scale.

Temperatures of between -40°C and +400°C are rapidly and accurately indicated by the closed sys-tem.

The capillary tube, which is between 500 mm and 10000 mm in length, allows measurements to be taken at any point using a mechanical remote display.


principe Temperatuurschakelaar, Thermometer
Process Connection
Nominal diameter
Brand Tecsis
Manometer diameter
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