TEK00 Resistance Thermometers or Thermocouples

with cable connection

Special Features

  • Many different protection tubes
  • Big choice of cable types
  • Different process connections available
  • Optionally with plug for fast electrical connection
  • Special versions on request

Temperature Ranges

  • -20... + 105°C (PVC-cable)
  • -50... + 200°C (Silicone -cable)
  • -50... + 260°C (PTFE-cable)
  • -50... + 350°C (Glassfiber insulated cable)
  • -200... + 600°C (Mineral insulated resistance thermometers)
  • -200... + 1200°C (Mineral insulated thermocouples)


  • Engineering
  • Heating and cooling circuits, Air condition technology
  • Plant construction
  • Environment engineering


Models: TEK00, TEK10


Resistance thermometers or thermocouples with cable connection are used as universal thermometers in liquids and gases. If high temperatures should be measured, mineral insulated cables will be used.

The versatility of this kind of thermometers is given by the amount of different protection tubes in several materials, diameters and lengths. Higher temperatures can be measured with thermometers build of mineral insulated cables. This type can even be used if one needs to bend the protection tube to access the process. Furthermore there are a lot of process connections available. tecsis can weld a fixed screw connection on the protection tube or you can also use an adjustable compression fitting to fix the thermometer in the process. Depending on the temperature to be measured and the ambient temperature different cables will be used. The protection tube is fixed on the cable by crimping or optionally by rolling.

The standard measuring element is a platinum resistor (PT100, PT1000) in 2-, 3- or 4-wire connection, or a thermocouple (Type K, Type J). Thermometers with NTC´s, KTY´s or other sensors can also be build. It is also possible to offer multi sensor probes with two or three sensor elements in one protection tube.

tecsis can design special geometries, to adapt the sensor to your application. The possibilities are almost unlimited.


Principle Temperatuursensor
Process Connection thread G ", specials
Nominal diameter
Brand Tecsis
materiaal RVS
Manometer diameter
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