TEU11 PT Compact USB

Resistance Thermometer

Programmable via USB-interface



  • simple programming, without programming unit
  • integrated USB-interface
  • high accuracy: 0,2% of measuring range
  • reprogrammable
  • Output signal: 4..20 mA
  • Service friendly


  • -50°C up to +200°C (-60..+400°F)
  • -50°C up to +600°C (-60..+1100°F)

Measuring range

  • Individual setting
  • Factory setting: maximum temperature range


  • engineering
  • heating and cooling circuits, air condition technology
  • plant construction
  • environment engineering


Model: TEU11


The PT Compact USB is an additional member of the tecsis PT Compact series. The measuring range can be programmed according to the customers demands with especially developed software. The communication between the thermometer and a PC is done via an USB connection. Programming-Kits are not needed.

There are two models of the PT Compact USB. The standard model for temperatures from –50°C up to +200°C and a high temperature model for temperatures up to +600°C, which includes a 100 mm neck tube.
The output signal of the PT Compact USB is an analogue 4…20 mA signal.

In order to program the measuring range, it is necessary to remove the measuring insert from the housing. The USB-interface is placed directly on the electronic board of the thermometer.

Precautions have to be taken to avoid ESD-damages, while programming the electronics. You do not have to remove the thermowell of the PT Compact, in order to program the range, thus you do not have to stop your process.

All mechanical parts of the PT Compact USB are refered to the PT Compact-series. Different process connections, adjustable compression fittings, various stem-diameters and lengths are available. To achieve very fast response times, we provide a version with a tapered stem. All medium-affecting parts as well as the housing are made of stainless steel.

The electrical connection is made by a plug according to DIN EN 175301-803. Optionally a M12x1 connection is available


principe Temperatuursensor
Process Connection thread G "
Nominal diameter
Brand Tecsis
materiaal RVS
Manometer diameter
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