UIB30 and UIB30H Sealed Inverted Bucket Steam Traps (for use with Pipeline Connectors)

The UIB30 and UIB30H are sealed inverted bucket steam traps for either horizontal or vertical installation (with the cover hanging downwards). The UIB30H is designed for higher capacities. When installed with a suitable pipeline connector (available separately from Spirax Sarco) the UIB can easily and simply be removed without breaking into the pipeline, thus speeding up trap replacement with minimal system downtime. Pipeline connectors are available with screwed, socket weld and flanged end connections.
The cover is also available with the option of a threaded base port to allow drainage.


Optional extras
The cover (1) is also available with a threaded drain plug and connection (13 + 14) in " NPT, ½" NPT or ½" BSP to allow for drainage. If this option is required it must be specified at the time of order placement.

This product fully complies with the requirements of the European
Pressure Equipment Directive 97 / 23 / EC.

This product is available with certification to EN 10204 3.1.
Note: All certification / inspection requirements must be stated at the time of order placement.

Note: The model of pipeline connector and connections selected will dictate the maximum operating limits of the complete assembly.
Reference the specific pipeline connector Technical Information sheet as detailed in 'Pipeline connector options'.

Body design conditions ASME 300
PMA Maximum allowable pressure 49.6 bar g @ 38°C
TMA Maximum allowable temperature 425°C@28 bar g
Minimum allowable temperature -29°C
PMO Maximum operating pressure for saturated steam service 32 bar g
TMO Maximum operating temperature 425°C @ 28 bar g
Minimum operating temperature 0°C

Note: For lower operating temperatures consult us

  • 30.0 bar UIB30/4 UIB30H/5
  • 20.0 bar UIB30/5 UIB30H/6
  • 12.0 bar UIB30/6 UIB30H/7
  • 8.5 bar UIB30/7 UIB30H/8
  • 5.0 bar UIB30H/10
  • 4.0 bar UIB30/8
  • 2.5 bar UIB30/10
  • 2.0 bar UIB30H/12
  • 1.5 bar UIB30/12

Designed for a maximum cold hydraulic test pressure of 75 bar g

Pipeline connector options
The UIB can be fitted to a variety of pipeline connectors including:

  • PC10HP Straight connector ASME 600 (TI-P128-10)
  • PC20 + 'Y' type strainer ASME 300 (TI-P128-15)
  • PC3 _ + 1 piston isolation valve ASME 600 (TI-P128-02)
  • PC4 _ + 2 piston isolation valves ASME 600 (TI-P128-03)

See the relevant Technical Information sheet as listed above for details of the connections available for each pipeline connector.

How to order The UIB30 is supplied in two parts:-

  1. The swivel pipeline connector 
    • PC10HP Standard connection
    • PC20 + 'Y' type strainer
    • PC3 _ + 1 integral ISO valve
    • PC4 _ + 2 integral ISO valves
  2. The UIB30 trap complete with inner and outer gaskets and two connector screws.

Note: Any optional extras need to be specified at the time of order placement.

How to order example:
1 off ½" PC10HP swivel connector having screwed NPT connections for use with a UIB30 /4 sealed inverted bucket steam trap.
1 off UIB30 / 4 sealed inverted bucket steam trap complete with gaskets and connector screws.
1 off UIB30 / 4 sealed inverted bucket steam trap with a ½" NPT drain plug and connection, complete with gaskets and connector screws.


Principe Gesloten vlottercondenspot
medium Water en andere vloeistoffen
Material Stainless Steel
Nominal diameter DN15
Process Connection specials
Brand Spirax Sarco
Hygienic Non hygienic
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